The Huffington Post on Thursday published a piece titled, “8 Trips You HAVE to Take Before You Die,” and included in the mix is Yosemite National Park and the Delaware North-operated Wawona Hotel.

“There are trips we strongly recommend you take and then there are those that we basically demand,” the article said. “Trust us, as travel experts, we know the getaways that should make your bucket list. Here are eight trips you HAVE to take before you die -- and we even ordered them chronologically with the adventure you should embark on first in the number one spot.”
A camping excursion in Yosemite National Park – where Delaware North operates food, beverage, retail, lodging and a variety of recreational services – came in at No. 4 on the list. As part of that excursion, the Huffington Post editors also offered their hotel pick: the Wawona Hotel.
“Yosemite's Wawona Hotel is not only one of the oldest mountain resorts in California, but is also a National Historic Landmark,” the article said. “Located between the Mariposa Groves and tourist hot spot Yosemite Valley, the hotel occupies its own patch of secluded property of streams and forest.”
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